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Eyeglass Lenses and Coatings

We offer our patients a wide selection of:

* Progressive multifocal lenses for patients over 40
* Anti-reflective eyeglass lenses for safe nighttime driving
* Transition (self-tinting) lenses in ALL COLORS for daytime sun protection
* Polarized sunglass Rx lenses for safe daytime and early morning driving
* Polarized Transition Rx lenses with UV protection
* Shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses for children under 18 and adult safety
* Ultrathin and ultralight High Index lenses for high prescriptions
* Blue light computer screen protection lenses (Blue Tech)
* Tinted lenses in ALL COLORS with UV protection
* Non-prescription Polarized sunglasses
* Industry standard Rx and non-Rx safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses
* Sports goggles for children and adults
* Amber tinted eyeglass lenses for patients with low vision conditions
(like macular degeneration and albinism)
* Infant eyeglass frames and lenses
* Non-RX goggles for construction work and environmental protection

Eyeglass Lens Coatings and Specialty Lens Demos


Lens 1


Lens 2

Lens 1 has no anti-glare coating and therefore shows a reflection. Lens 2 is positioned in exactly the same spot, but shows no reflection because of its anti-glare coating.
Glare interferes with night driving and causes eye strain during computer use.


Anti-Glare Lenses


We recommend anti-glare lenses for our patients' driving and computer glasses

Above are eyeglass lenses coated with anti-reflective (anti-glare) coating so to enhance quality of night driving vision and protect the eyes against computer glare.

44128932_714284415597915_2777680136303017984_o (1).jpg

Photo 1

44161781_714284402264583_5722319962232586240_o (1).jpg

Photo 2

In photo 1 a high energy UV flashlight is shining onto a regular polycarbonate lens. The bright blue area shows a high level of high energy blue light transmission through regular lenses that will enter the eye. On the other hand in photo 2, a lens with a blue-filter coating, shows a much lesser level of transmission of hazardous high energy blue light into the eye. 

Blue Light Filtering Lenses


We recommend BluTech lenses for our patients' computer glasses

The above photo shows BluTech eyeglass lenses which is the most recommended brand for providing the highest level of protection against computer screen blue light exposure. Excessive exposure to blue light has been associated with sleep disturbances, headaches, eye strain, and symptoms of hyperactivity in children.  

Transition Lenses


We recommend Transition lenses for all outdoor activities

We offer our patients plastic Transition (Photochromic) eyeglass lenses in gray, brown, and many other colors which can be combined with single vision and progressive lenses. These lenses will darken outdoors and lighten back indoors. They offer 100% UV protection and partially cut out blue light indoors.


Solid Lens Color Options In tinted,
polarized and transition lenses


We offer prescription & non-prescription polarized sunglasses with a variety of tints. Polarized sunglasses significantly improve road safety by cutting hazardous sun glare that hits the eye commonly in early morning hours and on bright snowy days.
We now also offer sunglass lenses with colored mirror reflection effect and polarized transition lenses.

We recommend UV protection
on all sunglasses

44243094_714284505597906_4078671467368153088_o (1).jpg

We recommend lighter
and thinner lenses

We offer polycarbonate (shatterproof) lenses which are lighter and thinner to children & adults with mid-range to higher eyeglass prescriptions. We offer both 1.67 and 1.74 high-index lenses (super thin & super light) to patients with high prescriptions. This process significantly improves eyeglass appearance and eyeglass wearing experience. This photo demonstrates a near-sighted lens of -8.00 Diopters!!! Looks really thin, doesn't it?

44108466_713543445672012_8148053934087340032_o (2).jpg

We offer different size sports goggles for both children & adults. Vision correction during sports activities such as soccer, football, baseball, hockey, and combat sports, significantly improves performance and enhances safety of players of all ages.

We offer industry standardized safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses in a variety of colors and sizes. We also offer prescription safety glasses in fashionable colors.


We have the ability to order specialty sized frames for babies & toddlers, as well as frames geared towards children with special needs.


Above is a trial lens set of amber tinted eyeglass lenses that we offer to benefit patients with low vision conditions (macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, etc.). These improve contrast and reduce glare in distance & reading glasses

We recommend our patients
to get premium quality digital progressive lenses

We offer a variety of multi-focal (progressive) lenses to correct Presbyopia (loss of reading focus after age 45). We offer mostly digital or high definition progressive lenses which improve vision quality due to their precise optics. These lenses are custom-made digitally for each prescription and minimize peripheral lens distortion and allow for a wider field of vision.

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